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MOON Tans is quickly gaining national recognition in the Sunless Tanning Industry having been featured in several different national publications and television segments, most recently featured in the February 2007 Business Style Section of Woman's Edition Magazine. Allure magazine Editors declare Moon Tans as one the best Beauty and Service Providers in the Country!

What has prompted this revolutionary technique to tanning? The general population is being increasingly aware of the damage of UV Rays and we all know that exposing our skin to these kinds of damages potentially increases the risk of skin cancer, premature wrinkling, skin chafing and many other skin problems.

The excitement about MOON Tans Sunless Airbrush Tanning System has been astounding and contagious because

 until recently we didn't have a good alternative when compared to spending time under the UV lights in a tanning bed or the damaging rays of the sun to obtain that healthy golden glow.

We are on the cutting edge of this new sunless tanning technology, and after people try this they don't want to "tan" any other way again! This is the wave of the future as it is both SAFE and BEAUTIFUL. It doesn't get any better than that! 





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Cleanse way to better health with a good sauna
DR. KIM LAZARUS, DC, For the Monitor
What makes a sauna? A sauna is a properly lined insulated room with a heater that is capable of heating the room to temperatures of 125-195 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat in a sauna is designed to induce perspiration, cleanse body pores and create relaxation. The heat sources in rolex replica a sauna can be made from electrical elements that may or may not have stones. Wood burning saunas are more prevalent in outdoor sauna shacks. New technology brings infrared heat technology to saunas.
What is infrared heat? Infrared radiant heat is a form of energy that heats objects through a process called conversion. Conversion does not have to heat the air between the heat source and the object. Infrared heat is replica watches like the heat from the sun or that which our bodies produce to burn fuel to keep us warm.
Among the total spectrum of solar rays from the sun, far infrared waves are the safest and most beneficial. When near infrared waves, heat-organic substances near the surface gets hotter than the interior. Far infrared penetrates deeply with a very uniform warming effect without overheating the surface.
When a person sits in a far infrared sauna they will notice less surface heat than other saunas. The heat will be more comfortable and a person will be able to withstand longer sessions. The therapeutic effects are felt soon after the session begins.

Lose Weight Faster, Rejuvenate your Skin and Detoxify your Body with New Infrared Sauna Technology
September 23, 2004
- Infrared Saunas are sweeping the nation as the new best kept secret in personal care. As the baby boomer bubble moves across the time line, this generation is more aware of aging, health and other life impacting issues than ever before. With documented disease and illness at an all time high ‿this new technology offers something to everyone in the way of better health. Because most jobs today are typically less physically demanding, the overweight population is growing and more people are constantly stressed out. Improved eating habits and more activity certainly reduce the risks, but to obtain a healthy body an active lifestyle approach has been necessary. And the common answer to regular exercise has been “Who has the time?‿br>
Infrared technology isn’t new, in fact Doctors have often used infrared heat to treat various ailments including, arthritis, stomach problems, sciatic, acne, muscle pain and stiffness and insomnia to name a few. In addition to increasing circulation, which helps speed healing, it also reduces inflammation and pain. Until recently, only those with acute ailments knew or experienced the benefits of infrared therapy.

Moon Tans has partnered with Colorado based LuxSauna to exclusively offer this incredible line of Therapeutic Infrared Saunas to Health Clubs, Day and Destination Spas, Beauty Shops, Tanning Salons and Plastic Surgeons. “These saunas offer a simple way to reduce the risks to rolex replica your health. Infrared sauna therapy offers a relaxing and pleasant way to enjoy better health while only requiring 30 minutes per session. Not only does it help manage weight loss, increase the skin’s elasticity and appearance and eliminate many of the dangerous toxins that have accumulated within the body but it can also improve your mood!‿states Linda Dillon, Founder and President of Moon Tans

Bronzed Beauty Airbrush Tan - The Latest Craze in Airbrush Tanning at Home
Littleton, CO  June 21, 2004
-- California lawmakers have voted 42-26 to pass Assembly Bill 2193, which would make it illegal for anyone under 18 years old to tan in a tanning bed without a doctor's or surgeon's prescription. Under existing California State law, 14 to 18-year-olds may tan indoors only with parental consent. With this bill on the horizon, Bronzed Beauty Airbrush Tan has appropriately timed its television debut in California. "Bronzed Beauty is a Sunless Airbrush Tanning product that will not only give teens, but everyone who is concerned about the damages of UV rays, a great alternative to traditional tanning", says Linda Dillon, Founder and President of Moon Tans

Sunless Airbrush Tanning has exploded world wide as the safest, newest way to obtain the healthy glow of a tan without the damages associated with traditional tanning methods. Moon Tans, a Colorado Corporation, with over 200 professional salons and day spas using their products, is excited to bring another revolutionary new product, Bronzed Beauty Airbrush Tan, to the marketplace through a direct response television commercial.

Bronzed Beauty Airbrush Tan is an ozone friendly aerosol that creates a natural, streak-free tan that doesn’t require any rubbing in as do most other self-tanning sprays. "It's unique because it sprays on very similar to an airbrush, states Dillon, allowing for a beautiful, flawless tan". Using Bronzed Beauty Airbrush Tan is easy - "You spray it on, let it dry for 2-3 minutes and in 6-8 hours you have an incredible glowing tan!" states Dillon.

Sunless shades: Airbrushed tans to be offered in UC
For students looking for a winter tan without the skin-cancer risks of tanning beds, spray tanning is becoming increasingly more popular, and one student is bringing airbrush tanning to Missoula. Michaelpaul, a junior majoring in business at the University of Montana, is bringing Moon Tan airbrush tanning to the University Center Saturday.


Faux Glow to Go - Airbrush Tanning the Hottest Trend for Spring and Summer
Thu Mar 25,12:00 AM ET
MOON Tans, a Colorado Corporation is the company responsible for the sunless tanning boom in Colorado. Since April 2003 Moon Tans has licensed over 70 locations nationally to-date and "is the fastest growing sunless airbrush tanning company in the country," states Linda Dillon, President and Founder of Moon Tans MOON Tans has been gaining National recognition in the sunless tanning industry - featured in several different local and national publications and television segments. In addition to a feature article in the February 2004 Business Style Section of Women’s Edition Magazine, Allure Magazine declares Moon Tans one of the "Best Beauty Services and Exceptional Experts across the Country" in the October 2003 Five Star and Superstar Guide. The Denver Post “The Scene‿Section featured “You Don’t Have to Broil in Oil for a bronze glow‿in June 2003, and WB Channel 2 aired a 4-minute segment demonstrating the Airbrush Tanning Technique of MOON Tans in May 2003.

What has prompted this revolutionary technique to tanning? “The general population is becoming increasingly aware of the damage of any kind of UV Rays ‿and we all know that exposing our skin to these kind of damaging effects potentially increases the risk of skin cancer‿says Dillon

Sparkling Gems Benefit the Skin Cancer Foundation
The incidence and mortality of skin cancer have increased exponentially during the past several decades, and every year the figure mounts. In an effort to help assist ongoing research to this deadly and growing epidemic, Moon Tans, a Colorado based company, has announced it will donate 5% of it’s unique, one-of-a-kind Jewelry purchases to The Skin Cancer Foundation in the purchasers name. Just as each person is unique, so is each piece of our jewelry ‿representing beautiful custom pieces from extremely talented artisans.

We chose the The Skin Cancer Foundation, states Linda Dillon, President and Founder of Moon Tans, because it is the only National and International organization that is concerned exclusively with the world's most common malignancy -- cancer of the skin.

In addition to the donation of proceeds to the Skin Cancer Foundation, Moon Tans is an advocate to educate the general public on the damages of UV Rays. MOON Tans is the company responsible for the sunless tanning boom in Colorado and across the nation.


"You don’t have to broil in oil for a bronze glow"
The Denver Post - June 2003
J.Lo’s got it, Jennifer Aniston, too. Perennially bronzed skin is a Hollywood signature, but today’s stars are more likely to be faking than baking - and damaging - their skin with the extensive sun exposure that made George Hamilton’s copper complexion famous. When exposure to damaging ultraviolet radiation became linked to the rise in skin cancer, people began wearing sunblock. But they haven’t been able to shake the notion that skin looks more healthy when tan than when pale. Sunless tanning products have been around since 1960 when Coppertone introduced Q.T. (Quick Tan). It turned one’s skin a distinctive, and decidedly unnatural shade of orange, and scared people away from such products until about a decade ago when manufacturers developed more natural looking self tanners. The hottest tan of 2003 is applied by a technician using an airbrush attached to a small compressor. “The sunless tanners have been great and filled a niche, but the airbrush tanning is a more personalized service,‿says Linda Dillon, founder of Littleton-based MOON Tans, which has licensed its airbrush system to more than 20 operators in Colorado.

Traditional Tanning Industry Facts

·  Traditional Indoor Tanning represents a $9 billion industry
  From May of 1998 to April of 1999 - 27,000,000 tanned indoors
  Only 4% of the current population are tanning indoors
  94.7% of tanners are between 16 and 49
  Females 20-39 are the number 1 group and represent 52.3% of the total audience (40+ seek other tanning alternatives)
  97% of indoor tanners also used tanning lotions, skin care products and related accessories.

Benefits of Sunless Airbrush Tanning

·  Compared to any other industry, there are more potential new customers. Health risks associated with traditional tanning are a growing concern. People are rapidly becoming more educated on the overall damaging effects of the sun and indoor tanning - people are beginning to demand an alternative.
  Airbrush tanning offers a safe, fast and effective tan.

Recent Press
Excerpts from National Publications

"Made in the Shade - Good Housekeeping Tests Self-Tanning Techniques
Summer is on its way and many of us want a golden tan. But with more than 1 million people each year being diagnosed with skin cancer, many would-be sun worshippers are turning to safer options. To see which work best, the Good Housekeeping Institute tested out the sunless tanning techniques offered at salons and the sunless tanning products that people can use at home. Self-Tanning, Hollywood Style Another process that is a little more up close and personal, and popular with Hollywood celebrities, is called airbrush tanning. The client is painted with self-tanner. This procedure also uses the DHA formula, lasts four to seven days, and costs between $25 and $75 a session. Once again, you should hold your breath and keep your eyes closed. The "mister" will cover your nails so that your cuticles will not be stained. This works better than the other booth, because it is customized to your body, Levine said.

"Sunless Explosion - Expanding The Tanning Populous With Better Formulas, Delivery Systems
LOOKING FIT - June 2003
Over the past few years, we've watched sunless tanning position itself for explosive growth. In fact, our January 2003 issue identified sunless as one of the fastest-growing trends for this season because it offers indoor tanning salons a new way to build their businesses and increase profits. While sunless provides a new service to existing clients looking to enhance their traditional tanning sessions, it has the potential to expand the tanning populous with new customers who either cannot or choose not to get a traditional UV tan. The concept of sunless tanning has come a long way since its introduction to the general public in the 1960s. Today, sunless products can be found everywhere from indoor tanning salons and day spas to department and drug stores. Professional tanning salons have the ability to offer superior self-tanning formulas as well as the latest in application processes that include stand-up spray booths and portable airbrush tanning systems. For those skeptical of adding sunless to their facilities, remember this: Tanners and non-tanners want to look good and feel good. Only 10 percent of the U.S. population, or 29 million individuals, currently tan indoors, so consider the possibilities. What better way to double or even triple the number of tanners in the United States than by introducing them to non-UV tanning?

"To Brighten a Gloomy Spring, Color Me Tan, on the Double"
THE TIMES - June 2003
IF slogging through final exams isn't enough to dampen the spirits of a graduate student, a depressingly rainy spring day is. So last weekend, Alexandra Buckley, 25, who is studying for a master's degree in education at New York University, cast her books aside and took charge. "The weather had been so horrible and I needed a boost," she said. "I thought a nice tan might do the trick." She popped into a salon on the Upper East Side to try out the newest wave in sunless bronzing: the spray-on tan.

"Just spray on a little sunshine"
USA TODAY - July 2003

Brown is in - as in tanned skin. And it's in more than ever now that "spray tanning" has spread beyond the big cities into salons, health clubs, spas, malls and even laundromats across the country. Strip, spray, rub and go. You can be bronzed in minutes by a machine that sprays you, or from a more labor-intensive session with someone who "paints" you with an airbrush. No more turning contortionist by trying to cover hard-to-reach parts of your body with a self-tanning lotion. No more smelling like a chemical factory from foul lotions and sprays. Even better, dermatologists say, it's as safe as applying makeup. And there's no more worrying about getting skin cancer from the sun or from the ultraviolet rays of conventional tanning beds and booths. Sunless tanning is just that: It tans the skin, leaving a tan that lasts four to six days. But you still have to wear a sun block if you want to avoid harmful effects of the sun.

"Dangerous Rays - Tanners Flock to Beaches and Booths Despite Cancer Risks"
ABC NEWS - May 2003
The Federal Trade Commission requires tanning salon operators to insist that customers wear protective goggles and in 29 states, salons are required to have customers sign a waiver acknowledging the risks of exposure to UV light. But dermatologists say that these safeguards are not enough. "UVA is known to cause skin cancer later in life, especially in young people who use tanning beds," Kenet said. "It also causes aging, which is brown spots, wrinkles, and discoloration of the skin," he said. Some customers who frequent tanning salons admit they're fully aware of the health risks, but say they'd rather look bronze today, and deal with the consequences tomorrow. College student Lisa Slater says she'll worry about the price she may have to pay for being tan, beautiful and young when she's older. "I know that's an ignorant mentality, but it seems so far away and it seems like oh yeah, that happens to them and not to me. "Meanwhile, skin cancer isn't always an easy to fix out-patient procedure as many assume it is. Skin cancer is expected to claim nearly 10,000 lives this year. Doctors say the only safe tan doesn't come from the sun or from the booth, it comes in a bottle. Tanning lotions, which have improved in the years since they were first introduced, are safe to use year-round and can last almost as long as traditional tanning, without the side effects.

"Spray and glow"

The sun is shining brightly in the Sunshine State and world- class beaches are within a short driving distance, but still 17- year-old Claire Vasterling stands in a room the size of a walk-in closet to get a tan. The newest trend in tanning doesn't involve the sun or a tanning bed, and it is as fake as a beauty contestant's smile. It is spray- on tanning. Introduced a few years ago, spray-on tans swept through Hollywood. That glow on Jennifer Aniston isn't as natural as you think. Jennifer Lopez, Julianna Margulies, Tori Spelling, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera - all have it done, reveals the latest People magazine.

Sources of Data:
Traditional Tanning Industry Fact Data is based in part on a SUN Ergoline Survey. Sun Business Special Preview Edition, 2001.
Looking Fit Magazine, February 2002. Tanning Industry Facts.
Excerpts from specific publications as listed. For full article please reference specific publication as noted.

Self Tanning

Until recently, sunless tanning could only be achieved with over the counter treatments that you apply yourself. These formulas are still difficult to apply evenly over the skin. You also have to be careful not to self tan areas that don't normally tan in the sun. So, after applying self tanning lotions with your hands, you must wipe off the solution or wash your hands immediately.

By visiting one of our many days spas and salons, located in more than nationwide, you can receive an airbrush treatment by a trained technician. Our technicians provide you with flawless coverage and a completely natural-looking tan in only 15 minutes.

Sunless airbrush tanning will give you the perfect bronze color without rubbing, streaking or orange tones. The tan will typically last from seven to 10 days. It will not stain your clothes and it does not have the strange smell that is often found in over the counter self tanners. Best of all, it's completely safe for your skin. Try a sunless tanning treatment with Moon Tans today!

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