Moon Tans


Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning is one of the fastest growing cosmetic trends in the last decade. Unlike many other types of cosmetic procedures, it is completely safe for your skin and has no harmful side effects. Here at Moon Tans, we will provide you with a radiant sunless tan in only 15 minutes. The results are very natural in appearance and will last for seven to ten days.

The main benefit to sunless tanning is the protection it offers your skin. Traditional tanning methods, such as laying out in the sun, or using a tanning bed can cause severe damage to your skin. Every time your skin is exposed to UV rays, your chances of developing skin cancer increase. Additionally, sun damage can cause wrinkles to develop prematurely.

Many people are still tanning in tanning beds because they think those rays are safer than the sun's natural rays. However, using tanning beds is in fact no better than being exposed to the sun's rays. The only way to prevent UV damage is to use airbrush tanning from tanning salons such as Moon Tans

Sunless tanning allows you to avoid UV rays altogether. You can finally get a natural-looking tan without damaging your skin. Here at Moon Tans, we offer sunless airbrush tanning treatments by trained technicians.






    Healthy for Your Skin!
  • Lasts 7-10-14 Days (depending on how well you typically hold a tan)

  • Conditions skin
  • Safe (DHA has been approved for over 30 years by the FDA)
  • Customized formula for your skin type!
  • Personalized service
  • Protects against skin aging and premature wrinkles
  • Protects against serious health risks
  • Formulas are rich with aloe and moisturizers
  • Even Coverage - Applied by a Professional
  • Streakless, Dripless, Odorless
  • Quick and dries almost instantly.
  • Only 1/2 hour from start to finish